The experienced personal injury lawyers at The Mullok Law Group have a proven history of successfully representing the victims of personal injury across New York in all types of accident claims. The Mullok Law Group & Associates is ready to enthusiastically advocate on your behalf and get you the full settlement that you deserve. We help clients all over the state of New York, including Queens, Long Island, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Westchester, Jefferson County, Nassau, Orleans, Suffolk and Kings County.

Car accidents are the major root for personal injury claims across New York and USA. Many auto accidents are not within the driver’s control, but the majority are caused by the recklessness or negligence of driver in fault. If you were in an accident caused by the negligence of other driver or of an auto part manufacturer, you are entitled to receive fair compensation for your accident with help from our car accident lawyers in Queens at Law Office of Enessa Mullokandova!

Damaged vehicle closeup after car crash. A terrible accident.

The types of car accidents that usually occur in the Queens and New York area range from rear-end accidents and T-bone collisions to head-on collisions, drunk driving accidents, and rollover accidents. These crashes can cause serious injuries such as broken bones, severe burns, brain injury, and spinal cord injury.

Only by filing a claim for personal injury will you be able to recover the fair amount of settlement that you need to cover the expense of your damages. The New York car accident lawyers at Mullok Law Group & Associates have several years of collective experience and has recovered millions of dollars in damages for clients. We can work hard to do the same for you being your helping hand.

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Slip and Fall Lawyer in Queens

When you walk out your door every day, the last thing you reckon is to be seriously injured in a slip and fall accident somewhere. Slip and Fall accidents are some of the most usual reasons for personal injury claims, nonetheless, because they are commonly the result of someone else’s negligence in keeping the safety of certain property.

Showrooms, Motels, Offices, Shops, Restaurants, employers, and even private individuals can be found responsible for any harm or injury that another person suffers on their property due to safety hazards. Perhaps you slipped on a neglected spill in a mall or shop. Maybe you tripped on damaged pavement.

Slip and Fall Injury in New York

The New York based injury attorney from our firm, as well as our experienced support team, can work with great effort to collect evidence and present a strong case for your settlement. Whether you are going up against your neighbor or your local shopping mall, we have what it takes to win the best possible compensation or verdict for your case.

New York’s slip and fall statute has changed in recent years and now requires a plaintiff to evidence that the business had information of the spill or other hazard that caused the plaintiff’s harm or injury. Our team at Mulok Law Group & Associates can work to obtain and provide such evidence.

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Faults in Vehicle Accident in Queens

Generally, the following conditions will result in a driver being considered at fault:

  • The driver was not following the law.
  • The driver in fault struck or made contact between the front of their car and the other driver’s car.
  • The driver rear-ended someone else’s car.
  • The driver was making a left turn.

There are, however, several situations in which the law is not immediately clear, or it may seem like a driver is not at fault even if he/she is breaking a small law. When an car accident occurs and a traffic collision or police report is made, the officer at the scene will take note of what he/she believes caused the accident, given the evidence and testimony of both drivers. The driver whose action was determined to be the Primary Collision Factor (PCF) is at fault.

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Real Estate in Queens and New York

Whether you’re buying or selling real estate in Queens, Long Island, Brooklyn, Bronx or Westchester, you always need a property attorney to make sure that you fully understand the terms and conditions of your contract. Mullok Law Group will work to help you understand, protect, and assert your rights, and we’re waiting to schedule your consultation now. We can understand how you may feel excited about buying your dream home, but you should understand that it’s probably the largest financial transaction that you’ll ever make. We also help people in:

  • Reviewing their contract
  • Explain any hidden liabilities
  • Reviewing their title
  • Represent their interests during negotiations

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Construction Workers Compensation

You’ve come to us for a reason-and you’ve come to the correct place. With decades of experience in defending the rights of New Yorkers, we help clients get the justice they deserve. Whether you need help with a workers compensation claim because you got hurt on a construction site or you aren’t sure of your rights as an injured union member, Mullok Law Group & Associates is here to help.

We are experienced Queens based workers compensation lawyers and New York personal injury attorneys who help people just like you who are facing a variety of difficult injury cases, such as serious injuries requiring surgery. If you are struggling with a Social Security Disability claim or need help pursuing a civil service disability pension, contact our experienced legal professionals today for a FREE CONSULTATION.

Immigration Lawyer in Queens

At Mullok Law Group, our attorneys offer a variety of immigration services, including non-immigrant visas, immigrant visas, asylum applications, green card applications, naturalization, permits and visas for victims of crimes in the U.S., defense in deportation and removal before the EOIR, and all other types of legal immigration issues. We can help you obtain an H-1B temporary work visa, a student visa, or business visas for your employees. We can also help you with your family-based or employment-based green cards, including EB-1 extraordinary ability alien and EB-2 national interest waivers. We can even help you with the naturalization process. Contact our Mullok Law Group immigration attorneys and you will receive immediate assistance.

If you have been detained and are facing removal, time is of the essence and we can provide you with a quality deportation defense.

Whatever immigration needs and inquiries you may have, our Mullok Law Group immigration lawyers will gladly assist you. We know that the legal immigration process can be a confusing and at times even frightening process. Our immigration attorneys know how much is at stake, and we look forward to providing you and your family with quality representation through every step.

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